TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces
TubusOne TubusClip
TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces
TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces
TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces
TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces

TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces

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TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces

    TubusOne has been developed in order to meet your requirements for hygiene, accessibility and lightweight to minimize effort. TubusOne has a touch function developed for use on touchscreens and is made from carbon fiber and high grade aluminium. 

    A TubusClip is designed to put on your device as a stand for TubusOne, while not using the product, and is included in the package.

    This package includes:

    • 1 TubusOne (extra tip and 30 mouthpieces included)
    • 1 TubusClip
    • 1 Cleaning rod

    NOTE: The TubusClip is NOT to be used with the following new tablets:

    iPad Pro A1670/A1671/A1673/A1674/A1675/ A1701/A1709 from 2017/2018 and Fusion iPad A10 from 2018.

    For further information please contact Lizanne Svane ls@tubus.dk or +45 2238 8256.

      TubusClip can be used with the following tablets:

      • The iPad (2017) A1822/A1823
      • iPad mini 3,4 (iPad mini 4: A1538/A1550)
      • iPad mini 2 (A1489/A1490)
      • iPad mini (1st generation) A1432/A1454/A1455
      • iPad Air 2 (6th generation) A1566/A1667
      • iPad Air (5th generation) A1474/A1475
      • iPad (4th generation) A1458/A1459/A1460
      • iPad (3rd generation) A1416/A1430/1403


      • Clean the tube on a regular basis with the cleaning rod.
      • Replace the mouthpiece after use daily.
      • Replace the tip when it is worn out for optimal use and protection of the touchscreen.
      • Always handle the mouthpiece with hygienic care when mounting it to the tube – avoid touching the mouthpiece with hands.
      • Always store mouthpieces and tips carefully in the sealed packaging.
      • Replace the cleaning rod on a regular basis.


      • Do not use autoclave for cleaning TubusOne.
      • Do not use chlorine-based cleaning products.
      • Do not share mouthpieces.
      • Do not put TubusOne in the dishwasher.
      • Do not touch the mouthpieces with hands when it has been used nor before use.
      • Handle TubusOne products with hygienic responsibility.
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